viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012


The following ad is a loewe tv advertisement in Spain. 

This spot is hotly debated as it shows a Spanish youth as superficial and ignorant. Loewe has managed to move from being a luxury brand to a brand that does not transmit anything and has lost its brand equity in Spain.

Not only is that the announcement has no content but, according to experts,aesthetically it has nothing to do with the brand loewe.


I found this commercial really interesting because it uses famous people to promote a videogame and it makes you feel identified with this people.

They use an actor who is normally playing hero characters and another that normally is playing nerd characters and makes the nerd guy win at the game. and that is how they make you feel identified and how they encourage you to buy this game by saying almost, "hey they also play this game! why don´t you?".

And also the do it in a very funny way.


In the Western Rockies of Boulder, Colorado, in 2002 three longtime friends and created a lightweight antimicrobial foam they called Croslite using a technology created by a Canadian laboratory in 1999.

By 2005, revenues were $108.6 million, by 2006, revenues jumped to $354.7 million.  In 2008, the wave came crashing down, the company lost $185.1 million. Crocs had to cut 2,000 jobs and its stock price has decreased 76 percent. Today Crocs has millions of dollars of debt and a huge surplus of shoes.

What caused the collapse of crocs?

Crocs didn’t just flood the market with a wide variety of its classic Crocs in a lot of colors, it quickly added many other styles.

The problem was that many of the expanded styles were meant to be attractive. The idea of Crocs is not to look beautiful but to be functional. If people want fashion, there are many other brands to look at.

The expanded line turned Crocs into just another brand. At first, Crocs had an enormous advantage because it owned an idea and an image in the mind. The multitude of styles undermined that image and destroyed the power of the brand.


This is a very interesting advertisement because in the whole announcement they do not say almost anything about the brand, but it makes you feel very happy and it conveys that when you drink a coca cola you are doing something good. 

This is a perfect example of what should be an advertisement for without too much emphasis on the brand, it perfectly conveys the brand values ​​of coca cola.

I'm Spanish and I think I should show some brand from my country. Especially wanted to show a brand that is having success in their promotion abroad and I found this:

This brand is a producer of cold soups. In the earlier announcement that is in  french the slogan is "cold soup that comes from a hot country" and the you can see many things, as typical Spanish ingredients of the Mediterranean diet and the woman dancing flamenco in typical dress.

This is a very famous brand in Spain and that is having a great expansion abroad, while today we can find this product in supermarkets in Austria.

I was thinking about an example of a person as a brand, and a really good came to my mind: David Beckham.

He was a very good soccer player, who has played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan and Los Angeles Galaxy. But since his marriage to Victoria Adams (Spice Girl) held on July 4, 1999 in a castle in Ireland marked the departure of David Beckham as extra-sporting star, worshiped among worl for its mix of physical attractiveness, people skills and professional success.

The huge popularity of the Beckhams, specially in Asia, was a shift in revenues from David, who became advertising bill for work rather than as an athlete.

He has appeared in so many advertisements and in a lot of movies. Now he has his own brand and perfume.

I found this amazing because although he was becoming to old and could not play football at the highest level, each year  he improved the promotion of his brand and pratically income figure did not vary, so I think that he is an excellent example of good brand management.

jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012


Colgate Kitchen Entrees

Thinking about brand extension and looking for them in the internet i found this very strange Colgate´s extension.

In what must be one of the most bizarre brand extensions ever, Colgate decided to use its name on a range of food products called Colgate’s Kitchen Entrees. Needless to say, the range did not take off and never left US soil. The idea must have been that consumers would eat their Colgate meal, then brush their teeth with Colgate toothpaste. This not only failed to draw customer attention, but also reduced its sales of toothpaste.

This brand extension was a total failure because it breaks with all consumer's associations to the brand's values and goals. In addition, when you think in Colgate what comes to you its freshness, what I think it is the opposite of what they were tying to sell here.

When you make a brand extension you have to think very carefully what  core values makes you brand profitable and try not move away of that values because that is how people feel when they are using you brand and that is how they have to feel with the new extension.


  1. "The best or nothing" by Mercedes-Benz
This is one of my favourites slogans, it is a very powerful slogan that transmits the essence of Mercedes which are a very luxury and well done cars. It communicates than when you have a mercedes you have reached the top of your life and you can not do it better.

2. "Life is Good" by LG

I found this slogan amazing for its simplicity. And I think that is what LG is trying to sell, electronic stuff but with a very simple use, so they can reach everyone. That slogans makes LG very cose to the consumer.

3. "Connecting People" by NOKIA

This slogans refers perfectly to what NOKIA is trying to sell, so it contributes to make the brand the one that truly connect you to your relatives. 


My favourite brand is APPLE, that is an American multinational corporation that designs and sells consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers.

What makes Apple a very succesful company is that they offer the latest technology in laptops, computers, software and in portable media players as Ipod and Ipad, which is a tablet. All of that combined with a very fancy design.

Although their products are very expensive it has had a huge succes all over the world and they are leading their sector since few years.

I will focus the brand mantra on Ipod.

Brand Function: Listen to music

Descriptive Modifier: Technologic

Emotional Modifier: Smart

3. It was difficult to find a category dominated by two main brands but finally I decided to work with Android and Apple (iOS), they are operating systems for mobile devices such smartphones and tablet computers and nowadays those two brands are leading their market with huge difference from the others.

1. Target Audience

Android: the target audience for this brand is almost everyone who wants to have a smartphone or a tablet computer and it is not that interested in design or appearance, and it is more interested in functionality.

Apple: in this case the target audience is totally different, this product is destinated to people who does not care about paying more if it has a better design and it is from a very well known brand (Apple).

2. POP and POD


  • Operating systems for smartphones and tablets.
  • Basic software included.
  • Based in application downloading.

  • Compatibility with other hardwares.
  • Android focused in functionality and Apple focused in design.

3. Have they defined their positioning correctly.

I think that both of them are doing very good because in the case of Apple they have had a huge success in the past few years and they only have been producing phones since 2007. And referring to Android it is very new too but that software is working in a lot of phones producers like Samsung, LG, Sony.

4. How might it be improved?

I think they two are doing very good in improving themselves because they are always updating the software it is normally free so you can download it from the android market or the app store, what is very easy. But I think that Apple has to improve the compatibility of its software.


The weird brand that I have cosen it is called “Metodizaz”. What  this company offer is a unique photography experience. Subjects are unaware of the exact moment they will be photographed and of the photographer's identity. Instead, the subject is photographed completely naturally, living life as normal.

MethodIzaz will provide you with a portfolio of pictures representing the fleeting moments of an authentic lifestyle. The photographs will allow you to remember these moments later in life. They will also give you a new perspective on the everyday, letting you see yourself and your surroundings through the eyes of an artist.

Using information provided earlier about their weekly routine, the photographer will arrive on the scene, and unseen, take shots of the subject. The subject will be photographed walking through the streets, going about their daily business. Without posing and artifice, the camera captures only the natural beauty of the person. 

I found it very strange because it is like they offer you a paparazzi and it is interesting how people want to feel kind of famous.