jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012


My favourite brand is APPLE, that is an American multinational corporation that designs and sells consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers.

What makes Apple a very succesful company is that they offer the latest technology in laptops, computers, software and in portable media players as Ipod and Ipad, which is a tablet. All of that combined with a very fancy design.

Although their products are very expensive it has had a huge succes all over the world and they are leading their sector since few years.

I will focus the brand mantra on Ipod.

Brand Function: Listen to music

Descriptive Modifier: Technologic

Emotional Modifier: Smart

3. It was difficult to find a category dominated by two main brands but finally I decided to work with Android and Apple (iOS), they are operating systems for mobile devices such smartphones and tablet computers and nowadays those two brands are leading their market with huge difference from the others.

1. Target Audience

Android: the target audience for this brand is almost everyone who wants to have a smartphone or a tablet computer and it is not that interested in design or appearance, and it is more interested in functionality.

Apple: in this case the target audience is totally different, this product is destinated to people who does not care about paying more if it has a better design and it is from a very well known brand (Apple).

2. POP and POD


  • Operating systems for smartphones and tablets.
  • Basic software included.
  • Based in application downloading.

  • Compatibility with other hardwares.
  • Android focused in functionality and Apple focused in design.

3. Have they defined their positioning correctly.

I think that both of them are doing very good because in the case of Apple they have had a huge success in the past few years and they only have been producing phones since 2007. And referring to Android it is very new too but that software is working in a lot of phones producers like Samsung, LG, Sony.

4. How might it be improved?

I think they two are doing very good in improving themselves because they are always updating the software it is normally free so you can download it from the android market or the app store, what is very easy. But I think that Apple has to improve the compatibility of its software.

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