jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012


  1. "The best or nothing" by Mercedes-Benz
This is one of my favourites slogans, it is a very powerful slogan that transmits the essence of Mercedes which are a very luxury and well done cars. It communicates than when you have a mercedes you have reached the top of your life and you can not do it better.

2. "Life is Good" by LG

I found this slogan amazing for its simplicity. And I think that is what LG is trying to sell, electronic stuff but with a very simple use, so they can reach everyone. That slogans makes LG very cose to the consumer.

3. "Connecting People" by NOKIA

This slogans refers perfectly to what NOKIA is trying to sell, so it contributes to make the brand the one that truly connect you to your relatives. 

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